How to Identify Salty Sugar Baby

In sugar word, we call a salty baby a fake sugar baby. There are always some fake sugar babies mixed with genuine sugar babies, and you should know how to spot a fake sugar baby. The relation between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is one of the mutual benefits, but sometimes fake sugar babies A.K.A salt babies get in such relationship just to scam money. Seeking Arrangement UK has different types of sugar babies, there are also fake sugar babies who don’t get filtered out. Following below are the few patterns and behaviors which they show.

Immediate Seduction

The salty sugar babies immediately start seducing you the moment they get in contact with you, asking for sex, sending you nudes and such. This seduction isn't out of her affection for you, but more like a trap for you. If you see such behavior be careful.

Always Asking for Money and Gifts

Most sugar daddies like to spoil their sugar babies, and as such, they keep fulfilling their every demand, whether it be money, gifts, your bank account password or something else. But if your sugar baby keeps asking for it every single time, there is a huge chance of that person being a fake sugar baby.

Always in a Mess

Every time you meet your sugar baby and your sugar baby always tell you a story about how someone in their family is sick or something like needing money to get someone out of a mess are the classic examples that the sugar baby is a fake one. I don’t mean that something like that doesn’t happen but if it is happening every time, then congratulations you have spotted a salty sugar baby.

Never Being Honest

The relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is always built on trust and honesty and if the sugar baby is never being honest with you, you need to take a step back. Well, prying into a sugar baby’s life is something we completely prohibit, but if that person has a spouse or a boyfriend or a girlfriend, and that person still has not decided to tell you, then you need to be careful.

Falsifying Information and Id’s

To register in any sugar dating site, you need to give your real identity and information but in some cases some people give fake Id’s and information and in some cases they may even have completely lied about their age and turn out to be a minor, in that case immediately report it to the dating site and completely stop being involved with that person, because it won’t end well.

Harassing and Threatening

Sometimes the sugar babies may harass you and even threaten you, they may try to do that by telling your family and others your relationship between them. In the worst cases, they will try to even extort your money by doing such things. I don't even need to say but that person is definitely a fake sugar baby.

If you see such behaviors and patterns happening, you need to immediately stop getting involved with that person and report it to the dating site. In Seeking Arrangement UK, we do a thorough background check in order to prevent this, but you also need to be careful when meeting with sugar babies.

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