How to Share Private Photos on Seeking Arrangement UK

Seeking arrangement UK is a popular dating platform or website with members in millions. The members of seeking arrangement UK are able to benefit mutually from associations based on their own preconditions or terms. With the platform, if you are a sugar baby, you are able to enjoy a lifestyle that is lavish. That is because a sugar baby is able to be treated or spoiled with fine dining, exotic trips, and of course other various payments. If you are a sugar daddy in seeking arrangement UK, in return, you are able to get a woman that is very gorgeous and young for your company.

Seeking Arrangement UK “Share Private Photos” feature

When you use the sugar daddy site or just the sugar dating site, you will find out that there are various features incorporated to give you the best experience possible. One of the important features incorporated in the sugar baby site is the “Share Private Photos” feature. With this option, you are able to share your private/personal images with only the members or users in SeekingArrangementUK that you deem appropriate. That is anyone you feel strongly comfortable with if not the person you are in a relationship with.

If you want to allow/disallow access of a specific user or member to your private photos, you simply visit the personal profile of the specific user. In the personal profile page, click on the red tab “share/unshare Private Photos”. The red tab is located right underneath the button “Message”. On your page for “Photo Permissions”, it is always possible for you to be able to view your settings in regards to private photo share.

If you are a user of the SeekingArrangementUK mobile app, you have to first initiate a conversation involving you and the particular member or user. To do that, you simply tap the button “message” and then you tap the gear icon located in the top right corner of the conversation page of the app. A menu opens up with a “Share Private Photos” option or feature and you choose the convenient option for you.

Seeking Arrangement UK private photo guidelines

There are strict guidelines stipulated by the sugar baby site in regards to the private photos you upload. You are supposed to adhere to them. If the photos that you upload do not meet or violates the set guidelines, then they will not be accepted and that can result to suspension. Some of the guidelines include:

1. If you upload a photo then you must be included.

2. Photos must not include children.

3. Do not upload photoshopped or duplicate photos of you.

4. The photos you upload should not contain any illegal content or depict violence.

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